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Get Plugged In

A great way to feel at home is to get Plugged In!

What do you mean by "Plugged In"?

Have you ever walked into a social gathering and realized that you didn’t know anyone there but the host? So awkward. And our tendency is to either plant ourselves in a corner and only come out when the ice cream does, or to walk slowly around the room, scoping it out, and introducing yourself to the person who looks like you–shy and disengaged. Or you might be the one who stays for five minutes and then politely excuses yourself and heads for the door. Hey, you’ve met your obligation just by showing up, right?

Well, entering a church can be just as daunting as entering another type of social gathering. We might be thinking “I don’t know a soul here. I hope they don’t make the new people stand out in any way”. Or the opposite “I hope someone notices that I’m new here.” Our feelings can really vary. Some newcomers can easily assimilate into a new environment, while for others, the process can be slow and cautious. And neither one of these is wrong. God created each of us differently, and we can be sure that there is a place in the church for all who wish to engage here. Let me give you a few “on-ramps” to plug into a church so that your early days (or later days, for that matter!) don’t find you standing on the sidelines, wondering “How can I get plugged in here?”.

There are some GREAT ways that you can get plugged in at Centerpoint!

We have several ministries that you could get involved with, men, women, couples, teens, kids, families, and this is a great way to start making friends! Check out our various Ministries below!

Another great way to get plugged in is to serve in one of our various areas of ministry! Also, another way to meet people and make friends! If you would like to know more about the many ways you can serve, Click on the "I want to Serve" Button below!

Thank you for joining us here at Centerpoint Community Church! We are glad you are here and can't wait to help you "Get Plugged In"!