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Core Values

Here you will find a list of our Core Values here at Centerpoint

Our Core Values

Below is a list of what we hold as our core values. These are the things that are fundamental to everything we do here at Centerpoint.

The Authority of Scripture

We believe the Bible is true, that it is authoritative and applicable to every part of our lives. We are committed to being thoroughly biblical and pure in doctrine in all we do. Our church will exhibit a commitment to the primacy of creatively preaching, teaching and communicating the truths of God’s Word.

Prayerful Dependence

We are completely dependent on God for all that we are and all that we have. We will be committed to keeping prayer in the center of our church life, in our activities and in all of our decisions.

Empowering Leadership

We will concentrate on empowering other Christians for ministry. We will be committed to helping people serve each other according to their spiritual gifts, so that all might become mature in Christ.

Gift Oriented Ministry

We will be diligent in helping members identify their gifts and integrating them into ministries that match those gifts. We will help the members of this body discover and develop their ministry gifts so that everyone is a healthy functioning part of the body.

Passionate spirituality

We desire to be a body of believers that actually lives out with commitment, fire and enthusiasm, what we say, we believe! We will be a body of believers that has a contagious enthusiasm about our church and shares it with others.

Inspiring Worship Services

Our prayer and desire is for our corporate Sunday morning Worship service to be an inspiring experience for all who attend! Our prayer is that our worship experience will be synonymous with fun, enjoyment and inspiration.

loving relationships

These are accomplished with Holistic Small Groups.

We believe that discipleship most naturally and effectively occurs in the context of caring relationships. We will be a church that embraces the continuous multiplication of small groups and ongoing development of leaders. We are committed to developing an expanding network of small groups led by people with shepherds’ hearts, which when joined together, form a purposeful loving community.

Need Oriented Evangelism

We will be a church that focuses our evangelistic efforts on the questions and needs of non-Christians.

We will serve the needs of the community.

Global vision

Giving our time, talents and treasurers to reach hurting and needy nations.

cultural relevancy

We believe God wants to reach people in ways that are meaningful to them. We will use the clearest most effective means possible to communicate God’s message. We will be committed to presenting the truths of Christianity in a creative and relevant manner without compromising the gospel in any way.

excellence with integrity

We believe that the work of God demands our very best; anything less does not honor God and conveys an inaccurate message to the world. We will have regular evaluation and review as a part of everything we do; we will remain committed to being good stewards of the resources of time, money, and abilities that God has given us.

marriage & the family

We believe that marriage is God’s plan and the foundation for building families in which children are to be raised in the nurture and teaching of the Lord. Healthy families are crucial for the well-being of society and the church. This church commits to being a “family friendly” church in all we do.