IMPORTANT SERVICE INFORMATION Please take note of our special service Sundays at 8am for High-risk and the Elderly Click here for details!

Special Announcements

This is where you can find important Messages and information

Current Covid-19 Statements and protocols

The following are the steps we are taking to keep you safe during these times:

Special Sunday Service for High-risk/Elderly at 8AM

While we continue to navigate through this pandemic, we would like to offer a special service for those who are high-risk or elderly. If you would like to participate in worship together with us, but you are concerned about being in close proximity to people, we would like to invite you to join us at 8:00AM on Sunday morning.

If you have any questions about this service please contact the office at 207-872-2084.

Regular Sunday Service at 10AM

Please continue to follow safe practices and be mindful of personal space. We've outlined a few reminders below to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

1) If you or someone in your family has a compromised immune system, or are elderly and you wish to be a part of the regular service, but from a safe distance, we have reserved specific space for you in the Lobby. For your safety, we are asking high-risk attendees to enter through the side entrance at the RIGHT HAND FRONT OF THE BUILDING and then into the youth room until the service begins.

2) Seating - please help us make the most use of our space by moving to the center of the aisle you choose. 

3) Fellowship outside! We will have iced coffee and other refreshments available outside under the white tent. Grab an iced coffee and catch up with a friend. When entering the building please go directly to the auditorium and find your seat. Thank you! 

4) Give Grace: This is new for all of us. Please extend grace to each other as we navigate through this "new normal" together. We are working hard to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable when they enter the building. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office for more information. We can be reached at 872-2084.

Special Protocols for Kids Church

Children’s Services will only be offered for the 10am service for children from birth through 6th grade


Check in will begin at 9:30am.

Please download the Church Center App to register before you arrive. This will help cut down on congestion at the check in area.

  • Please make sure that your family’s information is up to date in Planning Center before using the app. Please send Ms. Aimee your updated info via email at even if you think it’s up to date.Information we need is; parents name, children’s names, family’s address, Email, phone number, and the birth date, and grade in school (if applicable) of each child enrolled.

 As a reminder please see our Sick Policy that MUST be followed before entering CP Kids Corner

  • Before entering the Kids Corner Area all children will be screened. We will ask questions about health and travel, and we will be recording temperatures.
  • It is not mandatory for anyone to wear a mask, but we understand if anyone wants to wear one.


        Nursery: Ages Birth through 3

  • Only one parent/guardian will be allowed to enter the secure area with the child and that parent’s/guardian’s temperature must be screened before entry.
  • The parent/guardian must take the diaper bag to the sanctuary with them during the service.You may leave a “lovey” (i.e. pacifier, blanket or stuffy) and a bottle or cup in the nursery with your child. When your child needs to have their diaper changed, we will text you to do it. Please be sure we have your phone number on file and that your phone is on silent. You will then be asked to take your child to the bathroom or Quiet Room to change them. You can then bring them back to the nursery for the rest of the service.
  • Snacks will be given, and we will be using hand sanitizer to wash all hands before snack. Please let us know if you would like us to refrain from giving your child a snack or from using hand sanitizer on them.


Little Kids: Ages 4 and 5

Big Kids: Ages 6 - 6th grade

  • Before sending your child through the double doors we will ask you to choose the appropriate social distancing sticker, so that our teachers know how to properly greet them and interact with them during service.

Thank you in advance for helping us make this challenging time Safe and Enjoyable for everyone! As always, if you have ANY questions regarding Services and the steps we are taking to keep you safe, please contact the office at 207-872-2084.